402-0770-00L  Physics with Muons: From Atomic to Solid State Physics

SemesterSpring Semester 2015
LecturersE. Morenzoni
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractIntroduction and overview of muon science. Particularly, the use of polarized muons as microscopic magnetic probes in condensed matter physics will be presented (Muon spin rotation and relaxation techniques, muSR). Examples of recent research results in magnetism, superconductivity, semiconductors, thin film and heterostructures.
ObjectiveBasic understanding of the use of muons as microscopic magnetic micro probes of matter. Theory and examples of muon spin precession and relaxation (muSR) in various materials. Selected examples in magnetism, superconductivity, semiconductor physics and investigations of heterostructures. Determination of fundamental constants and atomic spectroscopy with muons. The lecture is a useful introduction for people interested in a Bachelor/Master thesis in muSR research at the Paul Scherrer Institute.
ContentIntroduction: Muon characteristics. Generation of muon beams
Particle physics aspects: Muon decay, measurement of the muon magnetic anomaly
Hyperfine interaction, muonium spectroscopy
Fundamentals of muon spin rotation/relaxation and resonance.
Static and dynamic spin relaxation.
Applications in magnetism: local magnetic fields, phase transitions, spin-glass dynamics.
Applications in superconductivity: determination of magnetic penetration depths and coherence length, phase diagram of HTc superconductors, dynamics of the vortex state
Hydrogen states in semiconductors
Thin film and surface studies with low energy muons.
Lecture notesLecture notes in English are distributed at the beginning.
see also http://www.psi.ch/lmu/lectures
Prerequisites / NoticeLecture can also be given in English.