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102-0455-01L  Groundwater I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersM. Willmann
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

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AbstractThe course provides an introduction into quantitavie analysis of groundwater flow and transport. It is focussed on formulating flow and transport problems in groundwater, which are to be solved analytically or numerically.
Objectivea) Students understand the basic concepts of flow and contaminant transport processes and boundary conditions in groundwater.

b) Students are able to formulate simple practical flow and transport problems.

c) Students are able to understand and apply simple analytical solutions to simple flow and transport problems.

d) Students are able to use simple numerical codes to adequately solve simple flow (and transport) problems.
ContentIntrodiction, aquifers, groundwater use, sustainability, porosity.

Properties of porous media.
Exercises: Groundwater use, porosity, grain size analysis.

Flow properties, Darcy's law, filter.

Flow equations, stream function.
Exercises: Darcy's law.

Analytical solutions, confined aquifers, steady-state flow.
Exercises: Head isolines.

Use of superposition principles, transient flow, freee surface flow.
Exercises: Analytical solutions to flow problems.

Finite difference solutions to flow problems I.
Exercises: Analytical solutions to flow problems.

Finite difference solutions to flow problems II.
Exercises: Finite differece formulations to flow problems.

Transport processes.
Exercises: Computer workshop using PMWIN.

Analytical solutions to transport problems I.
Exercises: Computer workshop using PMWIN.

Analytical solutions to transport problems II.
Exercises: Analytical solutions to transport problems.

Path lines, groundwater protection.
Exercises: Analytical solutions to transport problems.

Groundwater remediation, groundwater management.
Exercises: Groundwater remediation.
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LiteratureJ. Bear, Hydraulics of Groundwater, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979

P.A. Domenico, F.W. Schwartz, Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, J. Wilson & Sons, New York, 1990

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In examination block forBachelor's Programme in Environmental Engineering 2010; Version 29.10.2013 (Examination Block 3)
Bachelor's Programme in Environmental Engineering 2010; Version 07.03.2018 (Examination Block 3)
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersM. Willmann
Typesession examination
Language of examinationGerman
RepetitionThe performance assessment is offered every session. Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examinationwritten 120 minutes
Written aidsAlle ausgegebenen Unterlagen, empfohlene Lehrbücher, Taschenrechner (nicht kommunikationsfähig)
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102-0455-01 GGrundwasser I2 hrs
Fri10-12HIL E 8 »
M. Willmann


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