701-0757-00L  Principles of Economics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersR. Schubert
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman


701-0757-00 GÖkonomie
Vorlesung im ML D 28 mit Videoübertragung im ML E 12.
Gruppenarbeiten finden in den anderen Seminarräume statt.
2 hrs
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R. Schubert

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AbstractThis course covers the bases for understanding micro- and macroeconomic issues and theories. Participants are given the tools to argue in economic and political terms and to evaluate the corresponding measures. Group and individual exercises deepen the knowledge gained.
ObjectiveStudents are able to
- describe fundamental micro- and macroeconomic issues and theories.
- apply suitable economic arguments to a given theme.
- evaluate economic measures.
ContentSupply and demand behaviour of firm and households; market equilibrium and taxation; national income and indicators; inflation ; unemployment; growth; macroeconomics policies
Lecture notesavailable on electronic platform
LiteratureMankiw, N.G.: “Principles of Economics”, fourth edition, South-Western College/West, Mason 2006.

German translation: Mankiw, N.G. : Grundzüge der Volkswirtschaftslehre, 3rd. edition, Stuttgart 2004.
Prerequisites / Noticeelectronic plattform

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In examination block forBachelor's Programme in Agricultural Science 2010; Version 13.10.2015 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Agricultural Sciences 2015; Version 01.03.2019 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Environmental Sciences 2011; Version 12.01.2016 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Food Science 2010; Version 22.03.2016 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Food Science 2016; Version 06.03.2019 (Examination Block)
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersR. Schubert
Typesession examination
Language of examinationGerman
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Mode of examinationwritten 90 minutes
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