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701-1681-00L  Element Balancing and Soil Functions in Managed Ecosystems

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersA. Keller
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractApplying element balances of agricultural soils and the assessment of soil functions for real applications in computer exercises to design preventive strategies against soil pollution and to support sustainable management of regional agroecosystems also in the context of spatial planning procedures.
ObjectiveThe students learn to critical assess changes in land use management on element cycles in agro-ecosystems and to assess soil services (soil functions). You design solutions for chemical problems in soil protection at the regional scale and learn to assess soil functions using different methods.
ContentThe students apply a regional balance model for Swiss regions in computer exercises and assess major soil functions of agricultural soils. You assess the sustainability of current land use and analyse management options improving nutrient and metal cycling in agro-ecosystems. The students will have the opportunity to calculate specific scenarios regarding land use management and environmental changes. Special focus we be paid on the soil services such as regulation-, production function and soil as habitat, and the assessment of these functions based on soil mapping data.
Lecture notesLiterature and Exercises for a case study
LiteratureLiterature will be provided.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course consists of lectures and computer exercises. The course take place every 2 weeks à 4 hours.
recommended prerequisites for attending this course:
- Bodenschutz und Landnutzung
- Biochemistry of Trace Elements
- Angewandte Bodenökologie