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862-0002-16L  Research Colloquium History of Knowledge (HS 2016)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersA. Kilcher, K. M. Espahangizi, D. Gugerli, M. Hagner, P. Sarasin, J. Tanner, P. Ursprung, L. Wingert
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for MAGPW students, D-GESS PHD and D-ARCH PHD students.

This colloquium is highly recommended for first and second semester MAGPW students.

PriorityRegistration for the course unit is only possible for the primary target group
Primary target groupDoctorate Architecture (064002)
History and Philosophy of Knowledge MA (862000)
Doctorate Humanities, Social & Political Sciences (864002)