The spring semester 2021 will generally take place online. New presence elements as of April 26 will be communicated by the lecturers.

851-0242-09L  Student Research Projects: Practical Research on Learning and Instruction

SemesterSpring Semester 2019
LecturersE. Stern
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
CourseDoes not take place this semester.
Language of instructionGerman
CommentNumber of participants limited to 20.

The sucessful completion of both course no. 851-0240-00L "Menschliches Lernen (EW 1)" and course no. 851-0238-01L "Unterstützung und Diagnose von Wissenserwerbsprozessen (EW 3)" is a necessary prerequisite for this course.

AbstractIn teams of two, participants in this seminar conduct their own research project. Each team is advised by one of the researchers serving as lecturers in this course. Basic conceptual and methodological issues are the topic of a series of plenary meetings; however, the major part of the work is done in small-group meetings with the advising researcher, and in self-directed research projects.
ObjectiveThe course is targeted at advanced students who have taken an interest in gathering practical research experience in the field of Learning & Instruction. In teams of two, students conduct their own research projects (planning, conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting research); thus, the course requires a high amount of self-directed working. Students are personally advised, and supported in their research project, by one of the researchers serving as lecturers in this course. During the first half the semester, relevant methodological knowledge and skills are practiced during plenary meetings and in students` independent reading (e.g. generating and testing research questions, designing experiments, and analyzing data in the field of Learning and Instruction)

Learning goals include:
- Participants can illustrate and explain basic methods and concepts for research in the fields of Learning and Instruction, e.g. with the help of practical examples.
- Participants can generate testable research questions for a topic relevant in the fields of Learning and Instruction.
- Participants can design and conduct a study that is relevant for answering their research question.
- Participants can summarize and evaluate the main results from a study in the field of learning and Instruction, with regard to the research question being asked.