227-0085-08L  Projects & Seminars: Bluetooth Low Energy Programming for IoT Sensing system

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersM. Magno
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentOnly for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology BSc.

The course unit can only be taken once. Repeated enrollment in a later semester is not creditable.

AbstractThe category of "Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars" includes courses and laboratories in various formats designed to impart practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, these classes encourage independent experimentation and design, allow for explorative learning and teach the methodology of project work.
ObjectiveBluetooth Low Energy System on Chip – Firmware Programming and sensors Interfacing using an Arm Cortex-M (Nordic nrf52838) Microcontroller

With the introduction of the BLE 5.0 standard, Bluetooth has achieved high data bandwidth with low power consumption. This makes the technology an ideal match for many applications, i.e., IoT sensor application or audio streaming, by addressing two of the greatest bottlenecks of these devices. This course offers the chance for participants to do hands-on programming of microcontrollers. In particular, the focus will be laid on interfacing with sensors, acquisition of data, on-board event-driven data processing with ARM-Cortex-M4 processors and BLE or other wireless transmissions. The programming will be performed in C. Today’s microcontrollers offer a low power, efficient and cost-effective solution of tackling a nearly infinite number of task-specific applications. Ranging from IoT devices, wearable systems, sensor (mesh) devices, all the way to be integrated as submodules for the most complex system such as cars, planes, and rockets. Microcontrollers derive their advantages from the efficient use of resources and as such require very efficient and resource-saving programming. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand hardware components such as processor cores, ADC, clocks, serial communication, wireless communication, timers, interrupts, etc. The P&S includes five weeks project where the student will setup an IoT sensor node to monitor electric power transmission and distribution system.

The course will be taught in English by the ITET center for project based learning.