227-0529-00L  Liberalized Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids

Semester Spring Semester 2017
Lecturers R. Bacher
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

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Abstract This class begins by discussing the paths from monopolies towards liberalized electric power markets with the grid as natural monopoly. After going through detailed mainly transmission grid constrained market models, SmartGrids models and approaches are introduced for the future distribution grid.
Objective - Understanding the legal, physical and market based framework for transmission based electric power systems.
- Understanding the market models for a secure and market based day-ahead operation of Smart Power Systems.
- Understanding Smart Grids and their market-compatible models
- Gaining experience with the formulation, implementation and computation of constrained electricity markets for transmission and Smart distribution systems.
Content - Legal conditions for the regulation and operation of electric power systems (CH, EU).
- Modelling physical laws, objectives and constraints of electric power systems at transmission and smart distribution level.
- Optimization as mathematical tool to achieve maximum society profits and considering at the same time grid based constraints and incentives towards distributed / renewable energy ressources.
- Various electricity market models, their advantages and disadvantages.
- SmartGrids: The new energy system and compatibility issues with traditional market models and regulation.
Lecture notes Class material is continuously updated and distributed to students.
Prerequisites / Notice Numerical analysis, basics for power system models, optimization and economics, active participation (discussions)

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Examiners R. Bacher
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European Commission - Energy strategy for Europe
SFOE - (Swiss Federal Office of Energy) Swiss Electricity statistics
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227-0529-00 G Liberalized Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids 4 hrs
Fri 08-12 ETZ E 8 »
R. Bacher


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