227-0680-00L  Building Control and Automation

Semester Spring Semester 2017
Lecturers J. Lygeros, A. Bollinger, C. Gähler, M. Hohmann, R. Smith
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

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Abstract Introduction to basic concepts from automatic control theory and their application to the control and automation of buildings.
Objective Introduce students to fundamental concepts from control theory: State space models, frequency domain models, feedback. Demonstrate the application of these concepts to building control for energy efficiency and other objectives.
Content Introduction to modeling
State space models and differential equations
Laplace transforms and basic feedback control
Discrete time systems
Model predictive control for building climate regulation
Regulating building energy consumption and energy hub concepts
Building automation
Prerequisites / Notice Exposure to ordinary differential equations and Laplace trasforms.

Performance assessment

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Performance assessment as a semester course
ECTS credits 3 credits
Examiners J. Lygeros, A. Bollinger, C. Gähler, M. Hohmann, R. Smith
Type end-of-semester examination
Language of examination English
Course attendance confirmation required No
Repetition The performance assessment is only offered at the end after the course unit. Repetition only possible after re-enrolling.

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Number Title Hours Lecturers
227-0680-00 V Building Control and Automation 2 hrs
Fri 10-12 HIL F 10.3 »
J. Lygeros, A. Bollinger, C. Gähler, R. Smith
227-0680-00 U Building Control and Automation 2 hrs
Mon 16-18 HIL C 10.2 »
J. Lygeros, A. Bollinger, C. Gähler, M. Hohmann, R. Smith


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Integrated Building Systems Master Core Courses O Information