227-0945-00L  Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2017
LecturersC. Frei
Periodicityyearly course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentThis course is part I of a two-semester course.

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AbstractThe course gives an introduction into cellular and molecular biology, specifically for students with a background in engineering. The focus will be on the basic organization of eukaryotic cells, molecular mechanisms and cellular functions. Textbook knowledge will be combined with results from recent research and technological innovations in biology.
ObjectiveAfter completing this course, engineering students will be able to apply their previous training in the quantitative and physical sciences to modern biology. Students will also learn the principles how biological models are established, and how these models can be tested.
ContentLectures will include the following topics: DNA, chromosomes, RNA, protein, genetics, gene expression, membrane structure and function, vesicular traffic, cellular communication, energy conversion, cytoskeleton, cell cycle, cellular growth, apoptosis, autophagy, cancer, development and stem cells.

In addition, three journal clubs will be held, where one/two publictions will be discussed (part I: 1 Journal club, part II: 2 Journal Clubs). For each journal club, students (alone or in groups of up to three students) have to write a summary and discussion of the publication. These written documents will be graded and count as 25% for the final grade.
Lecture notesScripts of all lectures will be available.
Literature"Molecular Biology of the Cell" (6th edition) by Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, and Walter.

Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a two-semester course together with 227-0945-10L Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers II (next semester)
For programme regulationsBachelor's Programme in Computer Science 2008; Version 24.02.2016
Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science 2016
Master's Programme in Biomedical Engineering 2013
Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 2009; Version 03.07.2015
Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering 2005; Version 16.05.2017
ECTS credits6 credits
Performance assessment as a semester course (other programmes)
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersC. Frei
Typesession examination
Language of examinationEnglish
Course attendance confirmation requiredNo
RepetitionThe performance assessment is offered every session. Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examinationwritten 45 minutes
Additional information on mode of examinationOne written document of the journal club will be graded, and counts 25% to the final grade.

Usually, this course will be examined as an annual course at the end of the spring semester.
Written aidsAll scripts, slides and notes from the lectures are allowed. The text book, computers and other electrical devices are not allowed.
This information can be updated until the beginning of the semester; information on the examination timetable is binding.

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227-0945-00 GCell and Molecular Biology for Engineers I
Course takes place from September 21 to November 23, 2017
3 hrs
Thu13-16ETZ H 91 »
C. Frei


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