263-2100-00L  Research Topics in Software Engineering

Semester Spring Semester 2016
Lecturers M. Vechev
Periodicity semester course
Language of instruction English

Abstract This seminar introduces students to the latest research trends in programming languages and systems:

- automated program analysis and synthesis techniques (e.g., new algorithms, combinations with machine learning)

- applications of these techniques to challenges in systems, security, and others.

More information: http://www.srl.inf.ethz.ch/rse2016.php
Objective At the end of the course, the students should be:

- familiar with a broad range of key research results in the area as well as their applications.

- know how to read and assess high quality research papers

- be able to highlight practical examples/applications, limitations of existing work, and outline potential improvements.
Content The course will be structured as a sequence of presentations of high-quality research papers, spanning both theory and practice. These papers will have typically appeared in top conferences spanning several areas such as POPL, PLDI, OOPSLA, OSDI, ASPLOS, SOSP, AAAI, ICML and others.
Literature The publications to be presented will be announced on the seminar home page at least one week before the first session.
Prerequisites / Notice Papers will be distributed during the first lecture.