227-0225-00L  Linear System Theory

Semester Autumn Semester 2017
Lecturers M. Kamgarpour
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract The class is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the theory of linear dynamical systems, stability analysis, and their use in control and estimation. The focus is on the mathematics behind the physical properties of these systems.
Objective Students should be able to apply the fundamental results in linear system theory to analyze and control linear dynamical systems.
Content - Linear spaces, normed linear spaces and Hilbert spaces.
- Ordinary differential equations, existence and uniqueness of solutions.
- Continuous and discrete-time, time-varying linear systems. Time domain solutions. Time invariant systems treated as a special case.
- Controllability and observability, duality. Time invariant systems treated as a special case.
- Stability and stabilization, observers, state and output feedback, separation principle.
Lecture notes Available online on course website.
Prerequisites / Notice 1) Sufficient mathematical maturity with special focus on linear algebra, analysis, and basic logic.
2) Control Systems I (227-0103-00) or equivalent.