401-4633-00L  Data Analytics in Organisations and Business

Semester Autumn Semester 2017
Lecturers I. Flückiger
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract On the end-to-end process of data analytics in organisations & business and how to transform data into insights for fact based decisions. Presentation of the process from the beginning with framing the business problem to presenting the results and making decisions by the use of data analytics. For each topic case studies from the financial service, healthcare and retail sectors will be presented.
Objective The goal of this course is to give the students the understanding of the data analytics process in the business world, with special focus on the skills and techniques used besides the technical skills. The student will become familiar with the "business language", current problems and thinking in organisations and business and tools used.
Content Framing the Business Problem
Framing the Analytics Problem
Model Building
Model Lifecycle
Soft Skills for the Statistical/Mathematical Professional
Lecture notes Lecture Notes will be available.
Prerequisites / Notice Prerequisites: Basic statistics and probability theory and regression