151-0573-00L  System Modeling

Semester Autumn Semester 2017
Lecturers G. Ducard
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract Introduction to system modeling for control. Generic modeling approaches based on first principles, Lagrangian formalism, energy approaches and experimental data. Model parametrization and parameter estimation. Basic analysis of linear and nonlinear systems.
Objective Learn how to mathematically describe a physical system or a process in the form of a model usable for analysis and control purposes.
Content This class introduces generic system-modeling approaches for control-oriented models based on first principles and experimental data. The class will span numerous examples related to mechatronic, thermodynamic, chemistry, fluid dynamic, energy, and process engineering systems. Model scaling, linearization, order reduction, and balancing. Parameter estimation with least-squares methods. Various case studies: loud-speaker, turbines, water-propelled rocket, geostationary satellites, etc. The exercises address practical examples.
Lecture notes The handouts in English will be sold in the first lecture.
Literature A list of references is included in the handouts.