701-1250-00L  Hydrological Processes and Modelling

Semester Spring Semester 2012
Lecturers R. Weingartner, M. Zappa
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract Hydrological processes and modelling - Theoretical background and application
Objective Objectives
.. to get an overview of hydrological fundamentals relevant for modelling
.. to deliver insight into the data relevant for the application of models
.. to learn about the concepts of hydrological modelling
.. to understand how hydrological models do operate
.. to see possibilities and limitations of the application of hydrological models
Content Topics:
Precipitation, evapotranspiration, runoff and formation of runoff, storages.
Modelling system PREVAH - background and application.
Exercises based on the PREVAH model.
Application of the PREVAH model.
Lecture notes Lecture notes will be delivered on the first day
Documentation of PREVAH cf. http://www.hydrologie.unibe.ch/PREVAH/
Literature Viviroli D., Gurtz J., Zappa M. (2007): The Hydrological Modelling System PREVAH. Geographica Bernensia P40. Berne: Institute of Geography, University of Berne, ISBN 978-3-905835-01-0.
Prerequisites / Notice Dates of the lectures: 20 June to 24 June, 2011 (morning and afternoon). The lecture will be held in English (or in German if all participants agrree)