752-2314-00L  Physics of Food Colloids

Semester Herbstsemester 2013
Dozierende P. A. Fischer, R. Mezzenga
Periodizität jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
Lehrsprache Englisch

Kurzbeschreibung In Physics of Food Colloids the principles of colloid science will applied to the aggregation of food material such as proteins, polysaccharides, and emulsifiers. Mixtures of such raw material determine the appearance and performance of our daily food. Examples of colloidal laws at work will link food colloid science to the manufacturing and processing of food.
Lernziel The aggregation of food raw material determine to appearance and performance of a complex food system as far as nutritional aspects. The underlying colloidal laws are reflecting the structure of the individual raw material (length scale, character of the interacting forces). Once those concepts are appreciated the aggregation of most food systems falls into recognizable patterns that can be used to modify and structure exiting food or to design new products. The application and use of those concepts are discussed in light of common food production.
Inhalt Lectures will be given on interfacial tension (4h), protein aggregation in bulk and interfaces (4h), Pickering emulsions (2h), polysaccharides (2h), aggregation of complex mixtures (4h), foams (2h), and the use of light scattering in investigation complex food structures (6h). Most chapters include some hand-ons examples of the gain knowledge to common food products.
Skript Notes will be handed out during the lectures.
Literatur Provided in the lecture notes.