752-3104-00L  Food Rheology II

Semester Frühjahrssemester 2014
Dozierende P. A. Fischer
Periodizität jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
Lehrsprache Englisch

Kurzbeschreibung Food Rheology II (FS) addresses special chapters in rheology such as suspension and emulsion rheology, constitutive equations, extensional rheology, optical methods in rheology, and interfacial rheology.
Lernziel The rheology of complex materials such as solutions, emulsions, and suspension will be discussed. In addition, several advanced rheological techniques (extension, rheo-optics, interfacial rheology) will be introduced and discussed in light of material characterization of complex fluids.
Inhalt Lectures will be given on structure and rheology of complex fluids (6h), constitutive equations (4h), optical methods in rheology (4h), extensional rheology (4h), and interfacial rheology (6h).
Skript Notes will be handed out during the lectures.
Literatur Provided in the lecture notes.
Voraussetzungen / Besonderes Attending Food Rheology I (HS) is beneficial but not mandatory. A short repetition of the basic principles of rheology will be given in the beginning of Food Rheology II.