401-3910-13L  Illiquid Markets

SemesterSpring Semester 2013
LecturersJ. Muhle-Karbe
Periodicitynon-recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractClassical financial theory is built on "perfectly liquid" markets, where orders of arbitrary size can be executed at the market price. This is a sensible for small investors. For large traders, however, the price impact caused by their orders constitutes a major risk factor. In this seminar, we will look a various price impact models, and discuss how optimal trading strategies should be adjusted.
Objectivea) Learn to work through a research article and present it in a scientific talk.
b) Digest the underlying mathematics.
c) Develop the corresponding economic intuition.
ContentOverview over recent developments in:
a) price impact modeling
b) stochastic optimization problems for large traders, such as unwinding a large position, portfolio rebalancing, or option hedging
Lecture notesNot available.

The seminar will be based on original research articles.
LiteratureTopics will be assigned taking into account the participants' interests and prerequisites. Some references include:

Obizhaeva and Wang (2005). Optimal trading strategy and supply/demand dynamics. Available online at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=686168

Almgren and Chriss (2000). Optimal execution of portfolio transactions. Available online at

Schied and Schöneborn (2009). Risk aversion and the dynamics of optimal liquidation strategies in illiquid markets.
Available online at

Collin-Dufresne, Daniel, Moallemi, and Saglam (2012). Strategic asset allocation in the presence of transaction costs. Available online at http://www.princeton.edu/~msaglam/dpc.pdf
Prerequisites / NoticeStrongly recommended: Foundations for Mathematical Finance, solid knowledge of Ito calculus.

The seminar will be run jointly by Johannes Muhle-Karbe and Ludovic Moreau. We welcome early registration (email to johannes.muhle-karbe@math.ethz.ch).