252-0023-00L  Discrete Mathematics

Semester Autumn Semester 2013
Lecturers U. Maurer
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction German

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Abstract Content: Mathematical reasoning and proofs, abstraction. Sets, relations (e.g. equivalence and order relations), functions, combinatorics, (un-)countability, graph theory, number theory, algebra (groups, rings, fields, polynomials, subalgebras, morphisms), logic (propositional and predicate logic, proof calculi).
Objective The primary goals of this course are (1) to introduce the most important concepts of discrete mathematics, (2) to understand and appreciate the role of abstraction and mathematical proofs, and (3) to discuss a number of applications, e.g. in cryptography, coding theory, and algorithm theory.
Content See course description.
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Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a semester course
In examination block for Bachelor's Programme in Computational Science and Engineering 2010; Version 01.08.2016 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Computational Science and Engineering 2012; Version 24.02.2016 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science 2008; Version 24.02.2016 (Examination Block)
ECTS credits 8 credits
Examiners U. Maurer
Type session examination
Language of examination German
Course attendance confirmation required No
Repetition The performance assessment is offered every session. Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examination written 180 minutes
Written aids Keine. In der Prüfung wird eine Zusammenfassung des Skriptes verteilt, die schon zu Beginn der Vorlesung bekannt gegeben wird.
If the course unit is part of an examination block, the credits are allocated for the successful completion of the whole block.
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Number Title Hours Lecturers
252-0023-00 V Diskrete Mathematik 5 hrs
Mon 09-12 HG G 5 »
Wed 13-15 HG G 5 »
U. Maurer
252-0023-00 U Diskrete Mathematik 2 hrs
Thu 10-12 CAB G 52 »
10-12 CAB G 56 »
10-12 CAB G 57 »
10-12 CHN G 42 »
10-12 IFW C 33 »
10-12 IFW C 35 »
Fri 10-12 CAB G 59 »
10-12 CHN E 42 »
10-12 HG D 3.1 »
10-12 HG D 3.3 »
10-12 HG D 5.1 »
10-12 HG D 5.3 »
U. Maurer


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Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Master Advanced Courses W Information
Computer Science Bachelor First Year Examinations O Information
Computational Science and Engineering Bachelor First Year Courses O Information