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Certificate of Advanced Studies in Computer Science Information
Focus Courses and Electives
Number Title Type ECTS Hours Lecturers
252-0237-00L Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Information W 6 credits 3V + 2U P. Müller
252-0286-00L System Construction Information W 4 credits 2V + 1U F. O. Friedrich
252-0293-00L Wireless and Mobile Computing for Entertainment Applications Information W 4 credits 2V + 1U S. Mangold
252-0373-00L Mobile and Personal Information Systems Information
The course will be offered for the last time.
W 4 credits 2V + 1U M. Norrie
252-0417-00L Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods Information W 8 credits 3V + 2U + 2A A. Steger, E. Welzl
252-0437-00L Distributed Algorithms Information W 4 credits 3V F. Mattern
252-0463-00L Security Engineering Information W 5 credits 2V + 2U D. Basin
252-0535-00L Machine Learning Information W 8 credits 3V + 2U + 2A J. M. Buhmann
252-0543-01L Computer Graphics Information W 6 credits 3V + 2U M. Gross, J. Novak
252-0546-00L Physically-Based Simulation in Computer Graphics Information W 4 credits 2V + 1U M. Bächer, V. da Costa de Azevedo
252-1407-00L Algorithmic Game Theory Information W 7 credits 3V + 2U + 1A P. Penna
252-1411-00L Security of Wireless Networks Information W 5 credits 2V + 1U + 1A S. Capkun
252-1414-00L System Security Information W 5 credits 2V + 2U S. Capkun, A. Perrig
252-1425-00L Geometry: Combinatorics and Algorithms Information W 6 credits 2V + 2U + 1A E. Welzl, L. F. Barba Flores, M. Hoffmann, A. Pilz
263-2210-00L Computer Architecture Information W 8 credits 6G + 1A O. Mutlu
263-2400-00L Reliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Information W 4 credits 2V + 1U M. Vechev
263-2800-00L Design of Parallel and High-Performance Computing Information W 7 credits 3V + 2U + 1A T. Hoefler, M. Püschel
263-2810-00L Advanced Compiler Design Information W 7 credits 3V + 2U + 1A R. Eigenmann, T. Gross
263-3010-00L Big Data Information W 8 credits 3V + 2U + 2A G. Fourny
263-3210-00L Deep Learning Information
Number of participants limited to 300.
W 4 credits 2V + 1U T. Hofmann
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