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Computer Science Master Information
Computer Science Elective Courses
The Elective Computer Science Courses can be selected from all Master level courses offered by D-INFK.
Number Title Type ECTS Hours Lecturers
252-0293-00L Wireless and Mobile Computing for Entertainment Applications Information W 4 credits 2V + 1U S. Mangold
252-3610-00L Smart Energy Information W 5 credits 3G + 1A F. Mattern, V. C. Coroama, V. Tiefenbeck
263-0600-00L Research in Computer Science
Only for Computer Science MSc.
W 5 credits 11A Professors
227-0778-00L Hardware/Software Codesign Information W 6 credits 2V + 2U L. Thiele
103-0237-00L GIS III W 5 credits 3G M. Raubal
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