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Interdisciplinary Sciences Bachelor Information
Physical-Chemical Direction
3. Semester (Physical-Chemical Direction)
For the Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Sciences students can in principle choose from all subjects taught at the Bachelor level at ETH Zurich.

At the beginning of the 2. year an individual study programme is established for every student in discussion with the Director of Studies in interdisciplinary sciences. For details see Programme Regulations 2010.
Number Title Type ECTS Hours Lecturers
252-0027-00L Introduction to Programming Information W 7 credits 4V + 2U T. Gross
252-0847-00L Computer Science Information W 5 credits 2V + 2U B. Gärtner
327-0103-00L Introduction to Materials Science W 3 credits 3G M. Niederberger, L. Heyderman, N. Spencer, P. Uggowitzer
327-0301-00L Materials Science I W 3 credits 3G J. F. Löffler, R. Schäublin, A. R. Studart, P. Uggowitzer
401-2303-00L Complex Analysis Information W 6 credits 3V + 2U R. Pandharipande
401-2333-00L Methods of Mathematical Physics I W 6 credits 3V + 2U H. Knörrer
402-0205-00L Quantum Mechanics I Information W 10 credits 3V + 2U C. Anastasiou
402-0255-00L Introduction to Solid State Physics W 10 credits 3V + 2U K. Ensslin
402-0263-00L Astrophysics I Information W 10 credits 3V + 2U H. M. Schmid
402-0595-00L Semiconductor Nanostructures Information W 6 credits 2V + 1U T. M. Ihn
402-2203-01L Classical Mechanics W 7 credits 4V + 2U N. Beisert
551-0015-00L Biology I W 2 credits 2V R. Glockshuber, E. Hafen
529-0051-00L Analytical Chemistry I W 3 credits 3G D. Günther, M.‑O. Ebert, G. Schwarz, R. Zenobi
551-0105-00L Fundamentals of Biology IA W 5 credits 5G M. Aebi, E. Hafen, M. Peter
529-0121-00L Inorganic Chemistry I Information W 3 credits 2V + 1U A. Mezzetti
529-0221-00L Organic Chemistry I W 3 credits 2V + 1U E. M. Carreira, J. W. Bode
701-0023-00L Atmosphere Information W 3 credits 2V E. M. Fischer, T. Peter
701-0245-00L Introduction to Evolutionary Biology W 2 credits 2V G. Velicer, S. Wielgoss
701-0401-00L Hydrosphere
Does not take place this semester.
W 3 credits 2V R. Kipfer, C. Roques
701-0423-00L Chemistry of Aquatic Systems
Does not take place this semester.
W 3 credits 2G L. Winkel
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