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Human Movement Sciences Master Information
Major in Motor Control and Motor Learning
Compulsory Subjects
557-1008-00LSeminarO3 credits2SK. Murer
557-1007-00LScientific Studies Information O3 credits2GE. de Bruin, B. S. Wirth Gasser
227-0385-00LBiomedical Imaging Information W4 credits3GS. Kozerke, U. Moser, M. Rudin
227-0386-00LBiomedical Engineering Information W4 credits3GJ. Vörös, S. J. Ferguson, S. Kozerke, U. Moser, M. Rudin, M. P. Wolf, M. Zenobi-Wong
227-1051-00LIntroduction to Systems Neuroscience Information W6 credits3.5GD. Kiper
351-0729-00LPsychology at Work - An OverviewW2 credits2GS. T. Güntert, R. Brauchli, O. Hämmig
363-0301-00LWork Design and Organizational Change Information W3 credits2GG. Grote
363-0790-00LTechnology Entrepreneurship Information W2 credits2VU. Claesson, P. Baschera, F. Hacklin
376-0221-00LAdvanced Topics in Neural Control of Movement Restricted registration - show details
For MSc Major "Human Movement Science and Sport" only.
W2 credits2SN. Wenderoth
376-0225-00LPhysical Activities and HealthW3 credits2VE. de Bruin
376-1033-00LHistory of SportsW2 credits2VM. Gisler
376-1107-00LSport PedagogyW2 credits2VS. Valkanover, E. Oswald, M. Schmidt
376-1111-00LHealth and Posture I Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2GJ. Eng
376-1117-00LSport PsychologyW2 credits2VH. Gubelmann
376-1127-00LSociology of SportW2 credits2VM. Lamprecht
376-1155-00LThe Musculoskeletal System and Work Information W3 credits2VT. Läubli
376-1305-00LDevelopment of the Nervous SystemW3 credits2VE. Stoeckli, A. Hajnal, M. Hengartner, O. L. D. Raineteau, L. Sommer, D. R. Zimmermann
376-1305-01LStructure, Plasticity and Repair of the Nervous System Information W3 credits2VM. E. Schwab, L. Filli, K. A. Martin, S. C. Neuhauss, further lecturers
376-1665-00LTraining and Coaching I Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GO. Buholzer
376-1717-00LPractical Basics in Sports and Exercise Therapy Restricted registration - show details
Possible from the 5th semester on. Requirement:"Introduction of Exercise Therapy" passed.
W2 credits2VB. Spörri Kälin, B. S. Wirth Gasser
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