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Computational Science and Engineering Master Information
151-0113-00LApplied Fluid DynamicsW4 credits2V + 1UJ.‑P. Kunsch
151-0709-00LStochastic Methods for Fluid DynamcisW4 credits3GD. W. Meyer-Massetti
151-0317-00LVisualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality IIW4 credits3GA. Kunz
151-0833-00LPrinciples of Nonlinear Finite-Element-Methods Information W5 credits2V + 2UB. Berisha, P. Hora, N. Manopulo
263-5001-00LIntroduction to Finite Elements and Sparse Linear System Solving Information W4 credits2V + 1UP. Arbenz, T. Kaman
263-5150-00LScientific Databases Information W4 credits2V + 1UG. H. Gonnet
263-3010-00LBig Data Information W6 credits3V + 1U + 1AT. Hofmann
263-2800-00LDesign of Parallel and High-Performance Computing Information W7 credits3V + 2U + 1AT. Hoefler, M. Püschel
227-0102-00LDiscrete Event Systems Information W6 credits4GR. Wattenhofer
227-0197-00LWearable Systems IW6 credits4GG. Tröster, U. Blanke
227-0417-00LInformation Theory IW6 credits4GA. Lapidoth
227-0427-00LSignal and Information Processing: Modeling, Filtering, LearningW6 credits4GH.‑A. Loeliger
227-0627-00LApplied Computer ArchitectureW6 credits4GA. Gunzinger
252-0237-00LConcepts of Object-Oriented ProgrammingW6 credits3V + 2UP. Müller
252-0417-00LRandomized Algorithms and Probabilistic MethodsW7 credits3V + 2U + 1AA. Steger, A. Ferber
252-0527-00LProbabilistic Graphical Models for Image Analysis Information W4 credits3GB. V. McWilliams
252-0546-00LPhysically-Based Simulation in Computer Graphics Information W4 credits2V + 1UB. Solenthaler, B. Thomaszewski
327-5101-00LNonequilibrium Systems Information W4 credits2V + 2UH. C. Öttinger
401-4647-64LFinite Element Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimal Control ProblemsW3 credits2VB. Vexler
401-4655-64LNumerical Analysis of High-Dimensional ProblemsW6 credits3GC. Schwab
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