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Computational Science and Engineering Master Information
Core Courses (Programme Regulations 2014)
Two core courses out of three must be attended and examinations must be taken in both.
401-3632-00LComputational Statistics Information W10 credits3V + 2UM. Mächler, P. L. Bühlmann
263-2300-00LHow To Write Fast Numerical Code Information
Prerequisite: Master student, solid C programming skills.
W6 credits3V + 2UM. Püschel
Core Courses and Compensatory Courses (Prog. Regl. 2012)
Core Courses
401-3632-00LComputational Statistics Information O10 credits3V + 2UM. Mächler, P. L. Bühlmann
Compensatory Courses
The Director of Studies CSE may specify additional compensatory courses.
252-0526-00LStatistical Learning Theory Information W4 credits2V + 1UJ. M. Buhmann
Fields of Specialization
402-0394-00LTheoretical Astrophysics and CosmologyW10 credits4V + 2UL. M. Mayer, A. Refregier
Physics of the Atmosphere
701-1216-00LNumerical Modelling of Weather and ClimateW4 credits3GC. Schär, U. Lohmann
651-2124-00LAtmospheric General Circulation Dynamics Information W4 credits2V + 1UT. Schneider
401-5930-00LSeminar in Physics of the Atmosphere for CSEW4 credits2SE. M. Fischer, C. Schär
529-0474-00LQuantum ChemistryW6 credits3GM. Reiher
327-0613-00LComputer Applications: Finite Elements in Solids and StructuresW4 credits2V + 2UA. Gusev
401-5940-00LSeminar in Chemistry for CSEW4 credits2SP. H. Hünenberger, M. Reiher
Fluid Dynamics
151-0208-00LComputational Methods for Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer Problems Information W4 credits2V + 2UP. Jenny
151-0212-00LAdvanced CFD Methods Information O4 credits2V + 1UP. Jenny, D. Lakehal
151-0110-00LCompressible FlowsW4 credits2V + 1UJ.‑P. Kunsch
151-0114-00LTurbulence ModelingW4 credits2V + 1UD. W. Meyer-Massetti
401-5950-00LSeminar in Fluid Dynamics for CSE Restricted registration - show details W4 credits2SP. Jenny, T. Rösgen
Systems and Control
227-0216-00LControl Systems II Information W6 credits4GR. Smith
227-0046-10LSignals and Systems IIW4 credits2V + 2UJ. Lygeros
227-0224-00LStochastic Systems Information W4 credits2V + 1UF. Herzog
227-0207-00LNonlinear Systems and Control Information
Prerequisite: Control Systems (227-0103-00L)
W6 credits4GE. Gallestey Alvarez, P. F. Al Hokayem
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