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Computer Science TC Information
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Additional Requirements (ETH-Masterstudents in PHYS/MATH/CSE)
Part 1
252-0002-00LData Structures and Algorithms Information O7 credits4V + 2UP. Widmayer
252-0024-00LParallel Programming Information O7 credits4V + 2UO. Hilliges, F. O. Friedrich
252-0063-00LData Modelling and Databases Information O7 credits4V + 2UG. Alonso
Part 2
252-0062-00LOperating Systems and Networks Information W8 credits4V + 3UT. Hoefler, A. Perrig
252-0211-00LInformation Security Information W8 credits4V + 3UD. Basin, S. Capkun
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