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Agroecosystem Science Master Information
Majors According
Major in Crop Science
Disciplinary Competences
Cropping Systems
751-4704-00LWeed Science IIW+2 credits2GB. Streit, N. Delabays, U. J. Haas
751-3604-00LPlant Breeding
Does not take place this semester.
W+3 credits3GA. Hund, B. Boller, C. Grieder, R. Kölliker, B. Studer
751-4106-00LCrop PhenotypingW4 credits4GA. Walter, A. Hund, J. Leipner, F. Liebisch
751-3606-00LMolecular Plant BreedingW3 credits2GB. Studer, C. Grieder, A. Hund, R. Kölliker
751-4204-01LHorticultural Science (FS)W2 credits2GL. Bertschinger, R. Baur, C. Carlen
Crop Health
751-5110-00LInsects in AgroecosystemsW+2 credits2VS. Halloran, K. Mauck
751-4904-00LMicrobial Pest ControlW+2 credits2GJ. Enkerli, G. Grabenweger, S. Kuske Pradal
751-4902-00LModern Pesticides - Mode of Action, Residues and Environmental FateW+2 credits2VM. Müller, I. J. Bürge, T. Poiger
Agriculture and Environment
751-5118-00LGlobal Change Biology Information W+2 credits2GH. Bugmann, N. Buchmann, C. Emmel, L. Hörtnagl
751-3404-00LNutrient Fluxes in Soil-Plant SystemsW+4 credits4GA. Oberson Dräyer, E. K. Bünemann König
751-4003-02LCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences (FS) Information W+2 credits2SN. Buchmann
751-5102-00LBiogeochemical ModelingW2 credits2GJ. Lee, J. Six, A. Hofmann, M. Necpalova
Methodology Competences
Methods in Agricultural Sciences
751-4506-00LPlant Pathology IV Information W+2 credits2GU. Merz, M. Maurhofer Bringolf
Design, Analysis and Communication of Science
751-1000-00LInterdisciplinary Project Work Information Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: successful completion of the bachelor programme.
O3 credits4UB. Dorn, E. Frossard, L. Meile, H. Adelmann, N. Buchmann, C. De Moraes, P. A. Fischer, M. C. Härdi-Landerer, M. Kreuzer, U. Merz, S. Peter, M. Schuppler, M. Siegrist, J. Six, S. E. Ulbrich, A. Walter
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