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Doctoral Department of Computer Science Information
Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses
252-0924-00LOMS Case Study II Information W2 credits2SM. Norrie
252-0926-00LAdvanced Seminar on Distributed Systems Information Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2SF. Mattern
252-0912-00LExperimental Computer Systems Information
For post/doctoral students at the Institute of Computer Systems. Other students need the lecturer's permission.
W2 credits2ST. Gross
252-0932-00LSeminar on Cryptography Restricted registration - show details W2 credits1SU. Maurer, M. Hirt
252-0934-00LAlgorithms and Complexity (FS) Information W1 credit1SP. Widmayer, J. Hromkovic
252-0945-02LDoctoral Seminar Machine Learning (FS16) Restricted registration - show details
Only for Computer Science Ph.D. students.
W2 credits2SJ. M. Buhmann, T. Hofmann, A. Krause
252-4202-00LSeminar in Theoretical Computer Science Information W2 credits2SE. Welzl, B. Gärtner, M. Hoffmann, J. Lengler, A. Steger, B. Sudakov
263-2100-00LResearch Topics in Software Engineering Information W2 credits2SM. Vechev
263-4203-00LGeometry: Combinatorics and Algorithms Information W2 credits2SB. Gärtner, M. Hoffmann, E. Welzl
252-4302-00LSeminar Algorithmic Game Theory Information
Limited number of participants.
W2 credits2SP. Widmayer, P. Dütting
264-5800-06LDoctoral Seminar in Visual Computing (FS16) Information W1 credit1SM. Gross, M. Pollefeys
264-5811-00LProgramming Systems Seminar Information Restricted registration - show details
The seminar is open to assistants of the Chair of Programming Methodology and the Software Reliability Lab (Department of Computer Science). Others should contact the instructors.
W2 credits2SP. Müller, M. Vechev
264-5812-00LWriting for Publication in Computer Science (WPCS)
Only for D-INFK doctoral students.

Number of participants limited to 15.
The course is highly recommended to PhD students who started in 2015.
Z0 credits1GS. Milligan
151-0906-00LFrontiers in Energy Research Restricted registration - show details
This course is only for doctoral students.
W2 credits2SM. Mazzotti, R. S. Abhari, G. Andersson, J. Carmeliet, M. Filippini
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