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Atmospheric and Climate Science Master Information
The students are free to choose individually from the entire course offer of ETH Zürich and the universities of Zürich and Bern.
Atmospheric Composition and Cycles
402-0573-00LAerosols II: Applications in Environment and TechnologyW4 credits2V + 1UJ. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, H. Burtscher
701-0234-00LAtmospheric Chemistry: Instruments and Measuring Techniques Information W1 credit1VU. Krieger
651-4004-00LOrganic Geochemistry and the Global Carbon CycleW3 credits2GT. I. Eglinton, M. Lupker
701-1240-00LModelling Environmental PollutantsW3 credits2GC. Bogdal, M. Scheringer
701-1317-00LGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Information W3 credits3GN. Gruber, M. Vogt
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