The spring semester 2021 will certainly take place online until Easter. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence. Please note the information provided by the lecturers.

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Science, Technology, and Policy Master Information
Case Studies
860-0016-00LSupply and Responsible Use of Mineral Resources II Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 12.

W3 credits2UB. Wehrli, F. Brugger, C. A. Heinrich, N. Lefebvre, J. Mertens
860-0015-00LSupply and Responsible Use of Mineral Resources IW3 credits2GC. A. Heinrich, L. Bretschger, F. Brugger, S. Hellweg, B. Wehrli
860-0012-00LCooperation and Conflict Over International Water Resources
Note: Replacement of 701-0462-01L "The Science and Politics of International Water Management".
Students who already attended 701-0462-01L, kann not be credited again for this course.
W3 credits2SB. Wehrli, T. Bernauer, J. Mertens
051-0160-00LUrban Design IIW1 credit2VA. Brillembourg, H. Klumpner
063-0816-16LACTION! On the Real City (Thesis Elective) Information Restricted registration - show details
Thesis Elective for Master class students.

Enrolment only possible upon agreement with the lecturer.
W6 credits11AA. Brillembourg, H. Klumpner
860-0018-00LInternet Architecture & Policy (with Case Study) Information Restricted registration - show details W6 credits4SS. Bechtold, T. Roscoe
227-0664-00LTechnology and Policy of Electrical Energy StorageW4 credits2GV. Wood, T. Schmidt
860-0014-00LPaper Project on Technology and Policy of Electric Energy Storage Restricted registration - show details
Requirement: Only students who have visited the course 227-0664-00L and passed the test at the end of the semester, may sign up for this course.
W2 credits1AT. Schmidt, V. Wood
701-1562-00LCases in Environmental Policy and Decision Making Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40.
W6 credits4PA. Patt, M. Morosini, D. Schröter, A. Scolobig
101-0588-02LGrounded Materials Restricted registration - show details
Maximal 4 Studenten pro Departement:
D-GESS (nur Science, Technology and Policy MSc)
W4 credits6GG. Habert
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