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Earth Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
1. Semester
First Year Examinations
529-2001-02LChemistry I Information O4 credits2V + 2UW. Uhlig, J. E. E. Buschmann, S. Canonica, P. Funck, E. C. Meister, R. Verel
401-0251-00LMathematics I Information O6 credits4V + 2UA. Cannas da Silva
651-3001-00LDynamic Earth IO6 credits4V + 2UG. Bernasconi-Green, E. Kissling, O. Bachmann, T. Kraft, M. Lupker, M. Schönbächler, S. Willett
First Year Additional Compulsory Courses
529-0030-00LLaboratory Course: Elementary Chemical TechniquesO3 credits6PN. Kobert, M. Morbidelli, M. H. Schroth, B. Wehrli
General Courses in Earth Sciences
651-3301-00LCrystals and MineralsO4 credits2V + 1.5UP. Brack, E. Reusser
651-4143-00LGeobiologyO3 credits2VT. I. Eglinton
651-4271-00LData Analysis and Visualisation with Matlab in Earth SciencesO3 credits2GS. Wiemer, G. De Souza, T. Tormann
GESS Science in Perspective
Science in Perspective
» Recommended Science in Perspective (Type B) for D-ERDW
» see Science in Perspective: Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Capability
Language Courses
» see Science in Perspective: Language Courses ETH/UZH
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
3. Semester
Compulsory Basic Courses II
402-0000-03LLaboratory Course in Physics for Students in Earth Sciences Information O2 credits4PA. Biland, M. Doebeli, M. Münnich
General Courses in Earth Sciences
The general courses in Earth Sciences are offered in the 3rd and 4th semester. Out of 40 offered credits, 35 credits have to be acquired.
651-3301-00LCrystals and MineralsW+4 credits2V + 1.5UP. Brack, E. Reusser
651-3321-00LInterpretation of Geological Maps I
Only for Earth Sciences BSc (Programme Regulations 2010) and UZH Earth Sciences BSc, i.e. students in the third semester or higher.
W2 credits2PM. Frehner
651-3323-00LEarth and Climate History
Course will no longer take place after HS16.
W+3 credits2GG. Haug
Examination Blocks
Examination Block 1
402-0063-00LPhysics IIO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus
651-3341-00LLithosphere Information
Prerequisite: successful completion of Dynamic Earth I and II is mandatory.

Course will no longer take place after HS16.
O3 credits2VS. Wiemer, E. Kissling
701-0023-00LAtmosphere Information O3 credits2VH. Wernli, E. M. Fischer, T. Peter
Examination Block 2
701-0071-00LMathematics III: Systems AnalysisO4 credits2V + 1UN. Gruber, D. Byrne
701-0401-00LHydrosphereO3 credits2VR. Kipfer, C. Roques
5. Semester Majors
Major in Geology
Advisor of the major in Geology is Prof. Stefano Bernasconi
Major in Geology: Core Courses
From the offered core courses in autumn and spring semester, 27 credits have to be acquired.
651-3501-00LIsotope Geochemistry and Isotope GeologyW+3 credits2GS. Bernasconi, D. Vance
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