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Search result: Course units in Autumn Semester 2016

Agricultural Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
3. Semester
Basic Courses II: Examination Block 1
402-0063-00LPhysics IIO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus
701-0071-00LMathematics III: Systems AnalysisO4 credits2V + 1UN. Gruber, D. Byrne
752-4001-00LMicrobiology Information O2 credits2VM. Schuppler, S. Schlegel, J. Vorholt-Zambelli
701-0255-00LBiochemistryO2 credits2VH.‑P. Kohler
701-0501-00LPedosphere Information O3 credits2VR. Kretzschmar
752-6003-00LIntroduction to Nutritional Science Restricted registration - show details
Only for Agricultural Science BSc.
O2 credits1.5VM. B. Zimmermann, C. Wolfrum
751-1101-00LFinances and Accounting SystemO2 credits2GM. Dumondel
Basic Courses II: Examination Block 2
751-1551-00LRessourcen- und Umweltökonomie Information O3 credits2VL. Bretschger, A. Müller
751-6101-00LAnatomy and Physiology of Man and Animals IO2 credits2VM. C. Härdi-Landerer, S. E. Ulbrich
Agricultural Natural Sciences
751-3401-00LPlant Nutrition IW2 credits2VE. Frossard
751-4501-00LPhytomedicine: Entomology
Does not take place this semester.
W1 credit1VC. De Moraes
751-4501-01LPhytomedicine: Plant PathologyW1 credit1VU. Merz
751-6301-00LAnimal BreedingW2 credits2VS. Neuenschwander
Agricultural and Resource Economics
751-2001-00LArea Planning and Regional DevelopmentW2 credits2VC. Lüscher, B. Buser
751-1311-00LIntroduction to Agricultural ManagementW+2 credits2VR. Finger
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