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MAS in Sustainable Water Resources Information
The Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Water Resources is a 12 month full time postgraduate diploma programme. The focus of the programme is on issues of sustainability and water resources in Latin America, with special attention given to the impacts of development and climate change on water resources. The programme combines multidisciplinary coursework with high level research. Sample research topics include: water quality, water quantity, water for agriculture, water for the environment, adaptation to climate change, and integrated water resource management. Language: English. Credit hours: 66 ECTS.
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Compulsory Courses
118-0101-00LWater Resources Seminars Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 16.
Automatic admittance given to the MAS students.
O3 credits3SP. Molnar, P. Burlando, further speakers
102-0287-00LFluvial Systems Information O3 credits2GP. Molnar
102-0237-00LHydrology IIO3 credits2GP. Burlando, S. Fatichi
101-0267-01LNumerical Hydraulics Information O3 credits2GM. Holzner
103-0237-00LGIS IIIO5 credits3GM. Raubal
102-0227-00LSystems Analysis and Mathematical Modeling in Urban Water Management Information O6 credits4GE. Morgenroth, M. Maurer
701-1551-00LSustainability AssessmentO3 credits2GP. Krütli, C. E. Pohl
102-0217-00LProcess Engineering Ia Information O3 credits2GE. Morgenroth
651-4031-00LGeographic Information Systems Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 60.
O3 credits4GA. Baltensweiler, M.  Hägeli-Golay
102-0327-01LImplementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals
Master students in Environmental Engineering choosing module Ecological Systems Design are not allowed to enrol 102-0327-01 Advanced Environmental Assessments (2KP) as already included in 102-0307-01 Advanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments (5KP).
O2 credits1GA. E. Braunschweig
701-0015-00LSeminar on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable DevelopmentO2 credits2SC. E. Pohl, M. Stauffacher
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