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Computational Science and Engineering Master Information
Fields of Specialization
227-0110-00LAdvanced Electromagnetic Waves
This course has been moved from the spring to the fall semester for the academic year of 2016/17. It will therefore not take place in spring 2017.
W6 credits2V + 2U
227-0110-00 VElektromagnetische Wellen für Fortgeschrittene2 hrs
Thu08-10CAB G 56 »
P. Leuchtmann
227-0110-00 UElektromagnetische Wellen für Fortgeschrittene2 hrs
Thu10-12CAB G 56 »
P. Leuchtmann
227-2037-00LPhysical Modelling and Simulation Information W5 credits4G
227-2037-00 GPhysical Modelling and Simulation4 hrs
Thu08-12ETZ E 6 »
C. Hafner, J. Leuthold, J. Smajic
227-0301-00LOptical Communication FundamentalsW6 credits2V + 1U + 1P
227-0301-00 VOptical Communication Fundamentals2 hrs
Tue13-15ETZ H 91 »
J. Leuthold
227-0301-00 UOptical Communication Fundamentals1 hrs
Tue15-16ETZ H 91 »
J. Leuthold
227-0301-00 POptical Communication Fundamentals1 hrs
Tue16-17ETZ H 91 »
J. Leuthold
401-5870-00LSeminar in Electromagnetics for CSE Information W4 credits2S
401-5870-00 SSeminar in Electromagnetics for CSE2 hrsby appt.C. Hafner, J. Leuthold
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