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Health Sciences and Technology Master Information
Major in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment
Elective Courses II
Module: Nutrition and Health
752-2122-00LFood and Consumer BehaviourW2 credits2V
752-2122-00 VFood and Consumer Behaviour2 hrs
Mon10:15-12:00LFW B 1 »
M. Siegrist, C. Hartmann
752-5103-00LFunctional Microorganisms in FoodsW3 credits2G
752-5103-00 GFunctional Microorganisms in Foods
Durchführung im LFV B42.2 nach speziellem Programm.
2 hrs
Wed13:15-15:00LFV B 42.2 »
13:15-15:00LFV E 41 »
09.12.10:15-12:00NO C 6 »
C. Lacroix, T. de Wouters, L. Meile, C. Schwab
752-6101-00LDietary Etiologies of Chronic DiseaseW3 credits2V
752-6101-00 VDietary Etiologies of Chronic Disease2 hrs
Thu08:15-10:00CAB G 11 »
M. B. Zimmermann
752-6402-00LNutrigenomicsW3 credits2V
752-6402-00 VNutrigenomics
Irregular course. Exact dates and time are listed at 'Lehrveranstaltungen/ courses.
2 hrs
Wed15:15-18:00LFW C 1 »
G. Vergères
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