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Physics Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
First Year Compulsory Courses
First Year Examination Block 2
401-1261-07LAnalysis IO10 credits6V + 3UM. Einsiedler
AbstractIntroduction to the differential and integral calculus in one real variable: fundaments of mathematical thinking, numbers, sequences, basic point set topology, continuity, differentiable functions, ordinary differential equations, Riemann integration.
ObjectiveThe ability to work with the basics of calculus in a mathematically rigorous way.
LiteratureK. Koenigsberger: Analysis I, Springer-Verlag

R. Courant: Vorlesungen ueber Differential- und Integralrechnung.
Springer Verlag

V. Zorich: Analysis I. Springer Verlag 2006

Chr. Blatter: Analysis.

Struwe: Analysis I/II, siehe

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Schichl u. Steinbauer, Einführung in das mathematische Arbeiten

Beutelspacher, Das ist o.B.d.A. trivial
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