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Environmental Engineering Master Information
Master Studies (Programme Regulations 2006)
Major Courses
Major in Ecolog. Systems Design, Air Quality Contr. and Waste Manag.
In the Major in "Ecolog. Systems Design, Air Quality Contr. and Waste Manag." one out of three possible combinations of modules must be taken:

1st combination: ESD & Air Quality Control;
2nd combination: Air quality control & Waste management;
3rd combination: Waste management & ESD.

Students that choose either combination 2 or 3 and have Urban Water Management as a second Major need to take course "102-0337-00L Landfilling, Contaminated Sites and Radioactive Waste Repositories" (offered in spring semester) instead of "102-0217-00L Process Engineering I (Biological Processes)".
102-0217-00LProcess Engineering Ia Information O3 credits2GE. Morgenroth
102-0307-01LAdvanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments Restricted registration - show details
Only for Environmental Engieering MSc.
O5 credits3GA. E. Braunschweig, S. Hellweg, R. Frischknecht
102-0317-03LAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab I)O1 credit1US. Pfister
102-0357-00LWaste Recycling TechnologiesO3 credits2GR. Bunge
102-0377-00LAir Pollution Modeling and Chemistry Information O3 credits2GS. Henne, A. C. Gerecke, S. Reimann Bhend
102-0337-00LLandfilling, Contaminated Sites and Radioactive Waste Repositories Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2GW. Hummel, M. Plötze
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