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Sport Teaching Diploma Information
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Additional Requirements in Sports Science
376-0203-00LMovement and Sport Biomechanics Information W4 credits3GB. Taylor, R. List, S. Lorenzetti
376-0207-00LExercise PhysiologyW4 credits3GC. Spengler
376-1033-00LHistory of SportsW2 credits2VM. Gisler
376-1107-00LSport PedagogyW2 credits2VM. Wagner
376-1117-00LSport PsychologyW2 credits2VH. Gubelmann
376-1127-00LSociology of SportW2 credits2VM. Lamprecht
376-0130-00LLaboratory Course in Exercise Physiology Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 48.

HST: Possible from the 5th semester on,
W3 credits4PC. Spengler
376-1665-00LTraining and Coaching I Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GO. Buholzer
376-2019-00LApplied Movement Analysis Information W2 credits2GR. Scharpf, S. Lorenzetti
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