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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Major in Ecology and Evolution
C. Scientific Skills
Laboratory and Field Expertise
701-1425-01LGenetic Diversity: Techniques Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 8.
Selection of the students: order of registration

Registration until 16.10.17
W2 credits2PA. M. Minder Pfyl
701-1437-00LLimnoecology IW3 credits3VP. Spaak, F. Altermatt, K. J. Räsänen, C. T. Robinson
701-1437-03LLimnoecology II Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants is limited. The maximal participating number of students is 8 from D-USYS and 14 from D-BIOL (ETH & UZH).

Registration for the course until Thursday 3.9.2017, free places will be distributed 4.9.2017. Students registrating later can not be guaranteed a place in the course.

Students have to enroll together with the lecture Limnoecology I (701-1437-00V) and the Practical courses Macroinvertebrates (701-1437-01L) and Microinvertebrates and Cryptogames (701-1437-02L).
W5 credits6UP. Spaak, F. Altermatt, K. J. Räsänen, C. T. Robinson
Expertise in Biological Diversity
701-1437-01LPractical Course MacroinvertebratesW2 credits2PJ. Jokela
701-1437-02LPractical Course Microinvertebrates and CryptogamesW2 credits2PJ. Jokela
Quantitative and Computational Expertise
701-1419-00LAnalysis of Ecological DataW3 credits2GS. Güsewell
701-1677-00LQuantitative Vegetation Dynamics: Models from Tree to GlobeW3 credits3GH. Bugmann, M. Huber, H. Lischke
701-1679-00LSpatial Modelling: From Climate & Land Use Change to Biodiversity ConservationW5 credits3GL. Pellissier, N. Zimmermann
Term Paper and Seminar
701-1460-00LEcology and Evolution: Term Paper Restricted registration - show details O5 credits11AT. Städler, S. Bonhoeffer, A. Hall, J. Jokela, J. Levine, G. Velicer, A. Widmer
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