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Earth Sciences Master Information
Major in Geophysics
Restricted Choice Modules Geophysics
651-4019-00LWave PropagationW+3 credits2GD. Fäh, W. Imperatori
651-4015-00LEarthquakes I: SeismotectonicsW+3 credits2GA. P. Rinaldi, I. Molinari
651-4021-00LEngineering SeismologyW+3 credits2GD. Fäh, S. S. Bora
Physics of the Earth's Interior
651-4010-00LPlanetary Physics and Chemistry Information W+3 credits2GP. Tackley
Applied Geophysics
Applied Geophysics: Compulsory Courses
The compulsory courses take place in spring semester.
Applied Geophysics: Courses of Choice
Students who completed the course 651-4087-00L Case Studies in Exploration and Environmental Geophysics I (3KP) before FS17 can either complete Geofluids (6KP) or chose one additional elective course of at least 3KP according to prior agreement with the Subject Advisor of the Geophysics Major (Autumn or Spring Semester).
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