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Mathematics (General Courses) Information
Generally Accessible Seminars and Colloquia
401-5000-00LZurich Colloquium in Mathematics Information Z0 credits
401-5000-00 KZurich Colloquium in Mathematics
**together with University of Zurich**
Place: Zoom
Time: 16:15-17:15
4s hrs
Tue16:15-17:00UNI ZH .
R. Abgrall, A. Bandeira, M. Iacobelli, A. Iozzi, S. Mishra, R. Pandharipande, further lecturers
Actuary SAA Education at ETH Zurich
Further pieces of information are available at Prof. M. Wüthrich's secretariat, HG F 42.
401-3629-00LQuantitative Risk Management Information W4 credits2V + 1U
401-3629-00 VQuantitative Risk Management2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00ML H 44 »
P. Cheridito
401-3629-00 UQuantitative Risk Management1 hrs
Thu12:15-13:00ML H 44 »
P. Cheridito
401-4920-00LMarket-Consistent Actuarial ValuationW4 credits2V
401-4920-00 VMarket-Consistent Actuarial Valuation
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrsM. V. Wüthrich
401-3917-00LStochastic Loss Reserving MethodsW4 credits2V
401-3917-00 VStochastic Loss Reserving Methods
Online via Zoom.
2 hrs
Wed16:15-18:00LFV E 41 »
02.06.16:15-18:00HG D 1.2 »
R. Dahms
401-3936-00LData Analytics for Non-Life Insurance Pricing Restricted registration - show details W4 credits2V
401-3936-00 VData Analytics for Non-Life Insurance Pricing2 hrs
Tue16:15-18:00HG E 1.2 »
C. M. Buser, M. V. Wüthrich
401-3923-00LSelected Topics in Life Insurance MathematicsW4 credits2V
401-3923-00 VSelected Topics in Life Insurance Mathematics2 hrs
Fri16:15-18:00ML E 12 »
M. Koller
401-3956-00LEconomic Theory of Financial Markets Restricted registration - show details W4 credits2V
401-3956-00 VEconomic Theory of Financial Markets2 hrs
Mon16:15-18:00HG E 1.1 »
M. V. Wüthrich
363-1017-00LRisk and Insurance EconomicsW3 credits2G
363-1017-00 GRisk and Insurance Economics
The course takes place ONLINE via Zoom (recorded).
The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
2 hrs
Tue14:00-16:00ON LI NE »
I. Gemmo
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