The spring semester 2021 will certainly take place online until Easter. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence. Please note the information provided by the lecturers.

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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Master Information
Major Courses
A total of 42 CP must be achieved form courses during the Master Program. The individual study plan is subject to the tutor's approval.
Computers and Networks
Recommended Subjects
These courses are recommended, but you are free to choose courses from any other special field. Please consult your tutor.
227-0116-00LVLSI I: From Architectures to VLSI Circuits and FPGAs Information W7 credits5GH. Kaeslin, N. Felber
227-0126-00LAdvanced Topics in Networked Embedded Systems Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 12.
W2 credits1SO. Saukh, J. Beutel, L. Thiele
227-0198-00LWearable Systems II: Design and Implementation Information W6 credits4GG. Tröster
227-0420-00LInformation Theory II Information W6 credits2V + 2US. M. Moser
227-0436-00LDigital Communication and Signal Processing Information W6 credits2V + 2UA. Wittneben
227-0559-00LSeminar in Distributed Computing Information W2 credits2SR. Wattenhofer
252-0407-00LCryptography Information W7 credits3V + 2U + 1AU. Maurer
252-0408-00LCryptographic Protocols Information W5 credits2V + 2UU. Maurer, M. Hirt
851-0734-00LInformation Security LawW2 credits2VU. Widmer
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