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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Major in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment
Infectious Diseases
701-0263-01LSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2G
701-0263-01 GSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Diseases2 hrs
Tue15-17CHN F 42 »
D. Croll, S. Bonhoeffer, R. R. Regös
701-1703-00LEvolutionary Medicine for Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2G
701-1703-00 GEvolutionary Medicine for Infectious Diseases2 hrs
Fri10-12CHN D 48 »
A. Hall
551-0223-00LImmunology III Information W4 credits2V
551-0223-00 VImmunology III2 hrs
Mon09-11HIL C 10.2 »
M. Kopf, M. Bachmann, J. Kisielow, A. Lanzavecchia, S. R. Leibundgut, A. Oxenius, R. Spörri
551-1171-00LImmunology: from Milestones to Current TopicsW4 credits2S
551-1171-00 SImmunology: from Milestones to Current Topics2 hrs
Tue13-15HIT F 12 »
B. Ludewig, J. Kisielow, M. Kopf, A. Oxenius, University lecturers
752-4009-00LMolecular Biology of Foodborne PathogensW3 credits2V
752-4009-00 VMolecular Biology of Foodborne Pathogens2 hrs
Thu10-12LFO C 13 »
M. Loessner, M. Schuppler
701-1471-00LEcological Parasitology Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 20.

Enrollment is limited to Master students of the study programme Environmental Sciences majoring Ecology and Evolution and to Master students of the study programme Biology majoring Ecology and Evolution (Elective Compulsory Master Courses), time of enrolment is decisive.
It is possible to enroll until September 12. The registration will only be effective once confirmed.
W3 credits1V + 1P
701-1471-00 VEcological Parasitology Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.14s hrs
26.09.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
03.10.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
17.10.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
31.10.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
14.11.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
21.11.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
28.11.08-10EAW - EAWAG »
O. E. Seppälä, H. Hartikainen, J. Jokela
701-1471-01 PEcological Parasitology Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.12s hrs
10.10.08-12EAW - EAWAG »
24.10.08-12EAW - EAWAG »
07.11.08-12EAW - EAWAG »
O. E. Seppälä, H. Hartikainen, J. Jokela
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