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Doctoral Department of Environmental Sciences Information
Agricultural Sciences
Graduate Programme in Plant Sciences
751-4003-01LCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences (HS) Information W2 credits2S
751-4003-01 SCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences2 hrs
Mon15-17LFW C 1 »
N. Buchmann
751-5123-00LRhizosphere Ecology Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 18.

Prerequisites: Only students who have passed the courses 751-3401-00L Pflanzenernährung I and 751-3402-00L Pflanzenernährung II - Integriertes Nährstoffmanagement can be admitted to this course.
W4 credits4G
751-5123-00 GRhizosphere Ecology
The course is held in English at the ETH research station in Lindau-Eschikon (Link).
Regular course dates. Submission of report: 06.01.2017
4 hrs
Fri13-17FEL   »
23.12.13-17LFW E 15 »
H. A. Gamper, T. I. McLaren
551-0205-00LChallenges in Plant Sciences Information
Number of participants limited to 40.
W2 credits2K
551-0205-00 KChallenges in Plant Sciences
**together with the Uni Zurich and Uni Basel**
Sylvia Martinez (

Place: to be announced later
2 hrs
28.09.13-18LFW E 15 »
03.11.08-18HG E 23 »
08-20HG E Nord »
W. Gruissem, C. Sánchez-Rodríguez, further lecturers
Environmental Sciences
Atmosphere and Climate
402-0572-00LAerosols I: Physical and Chemical PrinciplesW4 credits2V + 1U
402-0572-00 VAerosols I: Physical and Chemical Principles2 hrs
Mon14-16CAB G 52 »
M. Gysel, U. Baltensperger, H. Burtscher
402-0572-00 UAerosols I: Physical and Chemical Principles1 hrs
Mon13-14CAB G 52 »
M. Gysel, U. Baltensperger, H. Burtscher
701-1253-00LAnalysis of Climate and Weather Data Information W3 credits2G
701-1253-00 GAnalysis of Climate and Weather Data2 hrs
Thu15-17CHN E 42 »
C. Frei
701-1235-00LCloud Microphysics Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 16.
W4 credits2V + 1U
701-1235-00 VCloud Microphysics2 hrs
Tue10-12CHN F 42 »
U. Lohmann, Z. A. Kanji
701-1235-00 UCloud Microphysics1 hrs
Tue12-13CHN F 42 »
U. Lohmann, Z. A. Kanji
701-1221-00LDynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric Flow Information W4 credits2V + 1U
701-1221-00 VDynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric Flow2 hrs
Tue15-17CHN F 46 »
H. Wernli, S. Pfahl
701-1221-00 UDynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric Flow1 hrs
Tue17-18CHN F 46 »
H. Wernli, S. Pfahl
701-1251-00LLand-Climate Dynamics Information W3 credits2G
701-1251-00 GLand-Climate Dynamics2 hrs
Tue13-15HG E 33.1 »
27.09.13-15HG E 19 »
11.10.13-15HG E 19 »
01.11.13-15HG D 11 »
13-15HG D 12 »
13.12.13-15HG E 19 »
S. I. Seneviratne, E. L. Davin
701-1237-00LSolar Ultraviolet RadiationW1 credit1V
701-1237-00 VSolar Ultraviolet Radiation
Die Vorlesungen werden als Blockvorlesung an folgende Daten abgehalten:
12 Oktober, 26 Oktober, 2 November, 16 November, 30 November, 7 Dezember, 14 Dezember
1 hrs
Wed15-17CAB G 57 »
J. Gröbner
701-1233-00LStratospheric Chemistry Information W4 credits2V + 1U
701-1233-00 VStratospheric Chemistry2 hrs
Thu13-15CHN G 42 »
T. Peter, A. Stenke
701-1233-00 UStratospheric Chemistry
Exercises start in the second week of the semester.
1 hrs
Thu12-13CHN G 42 »
T. Peter, A. Stenke
701-1211-01LMaster's Seminar: Atmosphere and Climate 1 Information W3 credits2S
701-1211-01 SMaster's Seminar: Atmosphere and Climate2 hrs
Fri14-16CHN F 42 »
H. Joos, O. Stebler, F. Tummon, M. A. Wüest
651-4095-01LColloquium Atmosphere and Climate 1 Restricted registration - show details W1 credit1K
651-4095-00 KColloquium Atmosphere and Climate
Contact person: Dr. Hanna Joos (IAC)
1 hrs
Mon16-18CAB G 11 »
H. Joos, C. Schär, D. N. Bresch, N. Gruber, R. Knutti, U. Lohmann, T. Peter, S. I. Seneviratne, H. Wernli, M. Wild
Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics
701-1341-00LWater Resources and Drinking WaterW3 credits2G
701-1341-00 GWater Resources and Drinking Water2 hrs
Fri08-10NO C 44 »
S. Hug, M. Berg, F. Hammes, U. von Gunten
701-1313-00LIsotopic and Organic Tracers in Biogeochemistry Information W3 credits2G
701-1313-00 GIsotopic and Organic Tracers in Biogeochemistry2 hrs
Tue13-15CHN F 42 »
R. Kipfer, S. Ladd
701-1315-00LBiogeochemistry of Trace ElementsW3 credits2G
701-1315-00 GBiogeochemistry of Trace Elements2 hrs
Tue10-12LFV E 41 »
A. Voegelin, M. Etique, L. Winkel
701-1346-00LCarbon Mitigation Information W3 credits2G
701-1346-00 GCarbon Mitigation2 hrs
Mon10-12CHN E 42 »
N. Gruber
Ecology and Evolution
701-0263-01LSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2G
701-0263-01 GSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Diseases2 hrs
Tue15-17CHN F 42 »
D. Croll, S. Bonhoeffer, R. R. Regös
701-1453-00LEcological Assessment and Evaluation Information W3 credits3G
701-1453-00 GEcological Assessment and Evaluation3 hrs
Fri09-12CHN G 22 »
F. Knaus, U. Bollens Hunziker
701-1409-00LResearch Seminar: Ecological Genetics Information
Minimum number of participants is 4.
W2 credits1S
701-1409-00 SResearch Seminar: Ecological Genetics
or by arrangement
1 hrs
Wed11-12CHN H 35 »
A. Widmer, S. Fior
701-1425-01LGenetic Diversity: Techniques Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 8.
Selection of the students: order of registration

Registration until 17.10.2016.
W2 credits2P
701-1425-01 PGenetic Diversity: Techniques
Language of the course: German or English;
Start of the course: Wednesday 2.11.16, 13:15-17:00, end of the course: Wednesday 23.11.16, 13:15-17:00, individual work in between (about 1 day per week preferably Monday to Wednesday).
Course room for the introduction and final discussion will be announced, lab work has to be done at the GDC.
30s hrs
02.11.13-16ML H 43 »
23.11.13-17ML H 43 »
A. M. Minder Pfyl
701-1676-01LLandscape Genetics Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 14.

Prerequisites: good knowledge in population genetics and experience in using GIS is required.
W2 credits3G
701-1676-01 GLandscape Genetics
Blockkurs: 13.2.2017-18.2.2017
Ort der Veranstaltung: EPD01 / WSL Birmensdorf
48s hrs
13.02. - 18.02.08-17WSL   »
R. Holderegger, J. Bolliger, F. Gugerli
551-0737-00LExperimental Ecology: Evolution and Ecology Information Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2S
551-0737-00 SExperimental Ecology: Evolution and Ecology Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
2 hrsby appt.S. Bonhoeffer
Human-Environment Systems
701-1651-00LEnvironmental Governance Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2G
701-1651-00 GEnvironmental Governance2 hrs
Tue10-12CHN G 42 »
E. Lieberherr, G. de Buren, R. Schweizer
851-0589-00LTechnology and Innovation for DevelopmentW3 credits2V
851-0589-00 VTechnology and Innovation for Development2 hrs
Tue17-19ML F 36 »
P. Aerni
701-1543-00LTransdisciplinary Methods and ApplicationsW3 credits2G
701-1543-00 GTransdisciplinary Methods and Applications2 hrs
Mon13-15CHN E 46 »
P. Krütli, M. Stauffacher
701-1551-00LSustainability AssessmentW3 credits2G
701-1551-00 GSustainability Assessment2 hrs
Fri10-12CHN G 42 »
P. Krütli, C. E. Pohl
Forest and Landscape Management
701-1615-00LAdvanced Forest PathologyW3 credits2G
701-1615-00 GAdvanced Forest Pathology
Lehrsprache Deutsch möglich auf Wunsch der Studierenden
2 hrs
Thu15-17CHN F 42 »
T. N. Sieber
701-1631-00LFoundations of Ecosystem Management Information W5 credits3G
701-1631-00 GFoundations of Ecosystem Management3 hrs
Thu10-13HG E 41 »
J. Ghazoul, C. Garcia
701-1651-00LEnvironmental Governance Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2G
701-1651-00 GEnvironmental Governance2 hrs
Tue10-12CHN G 42 »
E. Lieberherr, G. de Buren, R. Schweizer
701-1671-00LSampling Techniques for Forest InventoriesW3 credits2V
701-1671-00 VSampling Techniques for Forest Inventories2 hrs
Tue17-19CHN G 42 »
D. Mandallaz
751-5125-00LStable Isotope Ecology of Terrestrial Ecosystems Information Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2G
751-5125-00 GStable Isotope Ecology of Terrestrial Ecosystems Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Blockkurs findet am 20. und 23.-27.Januar 2017 statt
2 hrs
20.01.08-18LFW C 4 »
23.01. - 27.01.08-18LFW C 4 »
R. A. Werner, N. Buchmann, A. Gessler
102-0675-00LEarth ObservationW4 credits3G
102-0675-00 GErdbeobachtung3 hrs
Thu11-12HIL E 8 »
13-15HIL E 8 »
14-15HIL E 15.2 »
I. Hajnsek, E. Baltsavias
701-1681-00LElement Balancing and Soil Functions in Managed EcosystemsW3 credits2G
701-1681-00 GElement Balancing and Soil Functions in Managed Ecosystems
Kurs findet ab dem 26.09.2016 alle 2 Wochen als Blockkurs statt.
Vorlesung: 8-10
Übungen: 10-12
2 hrs
Mon/2w08-10HG E 33.1 »
10-12HG D 11 »
A. Keller
701-1776-00LGeographic Data Processing with Python and ArcGISW1 credit2U
701-1776-00 UGeographische Datenverarbeitung mit Python und ArcGIS
3-tägige Blockveranstaltung
30s hrs
14.09.08-18NO D 39 »
15.09.08-18NO D 39 »
16.09.08-18NO D 39 »
A. Baltensweiler
701-1682-00LDendroecologyW3 credits3G
701-1682-00 GDendroecology3 hrs
Fri13-15CHN G 22 »
C. Bigler, A. Rigling, K. Treydte
701-1695-00LSoil Science SeminarZ0 credits1S
701-1695-00 SSoil Science Seminar
Findet alle zwei Wochen statt.
1 hrs
Mon/2w16-18CHN P 12 »
R. Schulin
Inter- and Transdisciplinary Courses
701-0015-00LSeminar on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable DevelopmentW2 credits2S
701-0015-00 SSeminar on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development2 hrs
28.09.08-12CHN K 77 »
12.10.08-12CHN K 77 »
02.11.08-12CHN K 77 »
16.11.08-12CHN K 77 »
30.11.08-12CHN K 77 »
C. E. Pohl, M. Stauffacher
701-1503-00LCCES Winter School "Science Meets Practice"W4 credits9A
701-1503-00 ACCES Winter School "Science Meets Practice"
CCES Winter School takes place in the surroundings of Zurich at Propstei Wislikofen during two blocks of four days each, one in January and the other in February 2017. Accommodation provided.
Block 1: From Monday 16 January to Thursday 19 January, 2017; and
Block 2: From Monday 2 February to 9 February, 2017.
120s hrsC. Adler, P. Fry, P. Krütli, C. E. Pohl
Basic and Scientific Skills
701-0019-00LReadings in Environmental Thinking Information W3 credits2S
701-0019-00 SReadings in Environmental Thinking2 hrs
Fri15-17CHN G 42 »
15-17CHN G 46 »
J. Ghazoul, G. Hirsch Hadorn, A. Patt
701-0017-00LEAWAG PhD Skills SeminarW2 credits2S
701-0017-00 SEAWAG PhD Skills Seminar
Does not take place this semester.
The lecture takes place at EAWAG room FC-D24.
The lecture will be offered next time im autumn semester 2017.
2 hrsJ. Jokela, J. Hering
701-0763-00LBasic Concepts of ManagementW2 credits2V
701-0763-00 VGrundbegriffe des Managements2 hrs
Mon17-19CHN F 46 »
R. Schwarzenbach
851-0180-00LResearch Ethics Restricted registration - show details
Particularly suitable for students of D-BIOL, D-CHAB, D-HEST
W2 credits2G
851-0180-00 GResearch Ethics Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
This course is offered in two parallel classes with the same content on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
One additional hour of home work per week will be required
2 hrs
Tue17-19LFV E 41 »
Wed17-19LFV E 41 »
G. Achermann
Additional Courses
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