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Health Sciences and Technology Master Information
Major in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment
Compulsory Courses
701-1701-00LHuman Health, Nutrition and Environment: Term Paper Restricted registration - show details
Only for students of the Major Human Health, Nutrition and Environment.
O6 credits13A
701-1701-00 AHuman Health, Nutrition and Environment: Term Paper Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
The introduction of the term paper course takes place on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 from 8:15 to 09:00 at CHN G 46.
Dates for oral presentation:
February 17, 2017 (afternoon)
February 24, 2017 (afternoon)
180s hrs
17.02.13-18LFW E 13 »
24.02.13-18LFW E 13 »
J. Nuessli Guth, T. Julian, K. McNeill, M. B. Zimmermann
376-0300-00LTranslational Science for Health and Medicine Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2G
376-0300-00 GTranslational Science for Health and Medicine Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.2 hrs
Fri10-12IFW A 36 »
J. Goldhahn, C. Wolfrum
Elective Courses I
401-0629-00LApplied BiostatisticsW4 credits3G
401-0629-00 GApplied Biostatistics3 hrs
Tue09-12ML J 34.3 »
M. Müller
752-6105-00LEpidemiology and Prevention
Information for UZH students:
Enrolment to this course unit only possible at ETH. No enrolment to module CS16_101 at UZH.

Please mind the ETH enrolment deadlines for UZH students: Link
W3 credits2V
752-6105-00 VEpidemiology and Prevention
**gemeinsam mit der Uni Zürich**
2 hrs
Wed10-12LFO C 13 »
M. Puhan, R. Heusser
752-6151-00LPublic Health ConceptsW3 credits2V
752-6151-00 VPublic Health Concepts2 hrs
Mon13-15LFW C 1 »
R. Heusser
Elective Courses II
Module: Infectious Diseases
551-0223-00LImmunology III Information W4 credits2V
551-0223-00 VImmunology III2 hrs
Mon09-11HIL C 10.2 »
M. Kopf, M. Bachmann, J. Kisielow, A. Lanzavecchia, S. R. Leibundgut, A. Oxenius, R. Spörri
636-0017-00LComputational Biology Information W4 credits3G
636-0017-00 GComputational Biology
Lecture will take place from 3-5pm weekly. Tutorials (starting 3.10.2016) biweekly from 5-7pm.
3 hrs
Mon15-17LEE E 101 »
Mon/2w17-19LEE E 101 »
T. Stadler, C. Magnus
701-0263-01LSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2G
701-0263-01 GSeminar in Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Diseases2 hrs
Tue15-17CHN F 42 »
D. Croll, S. Bonhoeffer, R. R. Regös
701-1703-00LEvolutionary Medicine for Infectious DiseasesW3 credits2G
701-1703-00 GEvolutionary Medicine for Infectious Diseases2 hrs
Fri10-12CHN D 48 »
A. Hall
752-4009-00LMolecular Biology of Foodborne PathogensW3 credits2V
752-4009-00 VMolecular Biology of Foodborne Pathogens2 hrs
Thu10-12LFO C 13 »
M. Loessner, M. Schuppler
Module: Nutrition and Health
752-2122-00LFood and Consumer BehaviourW2 credits2V
752-2122-00 VFood and Consumer Behaviour2 hrs
Mon10-12LFW B 1 »
M. Siegrist, C. Hartmann
752-5103-00LFunctional Microorganisms in FoodsW3 credits2G
752-5103-00 GFunctional Microorganisms in Foods
Durchführung im LFV B42.2 nach speziellem Programm.
2 hrs
Wed13-15LFV B 42.2 »
13-15LFV E 41 »
09.12.10-12NO C 6 »
C. Lacroix, T. de Wouters, L. Meile, C. Schwab
752-6101-00LDietary Etiologies of Chronic DiseaseW3 credits2V
752-6101-00 VDietary Etiologies of Chronic Disease2 hrs
Thu08-10CAB G 11 »
M. B. Zimmermann
752-6402-00LNutrigenomicsW3 credits2V
752-6402-00 VNutrigenomics
Irregular course. Exact dates and time are listed at 'Lehrveranstaltungen/ courses.
2 hrs
Wed15-18LFW C 1 »
G. Vergères
Module: Environment and Health
701-1341-00LWater Resources and Drinking WaterW3 credits2G
701-1341-00 GWater Resources and Drinking Water2 hrs
Fri08-10NO C 44 »
S. Hug, M. Berg, F. Hammes, U. von Gunten
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