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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Minor in Operations Eng. and Manag. for Forest and Timber Industries
Production Technology
701-1805-00LSystems Engineering LabW3 credits2P
701-1805-00 PSystems Engineering Lab
Die Lehrveranstaltung findet im Anschluss an das Semester statt.
2 hrsH. R. Heinimann
101-0637-10LStructures of Wood and Function Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 15.

Remark: Replaces 701-1801-00L
Thus, Students having already assigned to 701-1801-00 are not allowed to assign to 101-0637-10.
W3 credits2G
101-0637-10 GHolzstruktur und Funktion2 hrs
Wed15-17HIT J 52 »
I. Burgert, E. R. Zürcher
101-0637-20LFundamentals of Wood Elaboration and Woodmachining
Remark: Replaces 701-1803-00. Thus, students having already assigned to 701-1803-00 are not allowed to assign to 101-0637-20.
W3 credits2G
101-0637-20 GHolzbearbeitung und -verarbeitung2 hrs
Wed13-15HIT J 52 »
I. Burgert, O. F. Kläusler
Production Management
363-0445-00LProduction and Operations ManagementW3 credits2G
363-0445-00 GProduction and Operations Management2 hrs
Thu13-15HG G 3 »
T. Netland, P. Schönsleben
363-0445-02LProduction and Operations Management (Additional Cases)W1 credit2A
363-0445-02 AProduction and Operations Management (Additional Cases)
this time-slot is used only on specific dates. See detailed program.
30s hrs
Thu12-13HG G 3 »
T. Netland, P. Schönsleben
Environmental Management
102-0317-00LAdvanced Environmental Assessments Information
Master students in Environmental Engineering choosing module Ecological Systems Design are not allowed to enrol 102-0317-00 Advanced Environmental Assessments (3KP) as already included in 102-0307-01 Advanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments (5KP).
W3 credits2G
102-0317-00 GAdvanced Environmental Assessments2 hrs
Thu10-12HPT C 103 »
S. Hellweg, R. Frischknecht
102-0317-03LAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab I)W1 credit1U
102-0317-03 UAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab I)1 hrsS. Pfister
102-0317-04LAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab II) Restricted registration - show details
Not for master students in Environmental Engineering choosing module Ecological System Design as already included in Environment and Computer Laboratory I (Year Course): 102-0527-00 and 102-0528-00.
W2 credits2P
102-0317-04 PAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab II) Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Takes place either on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon.
2 hrsS. Pfister
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