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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Master Information
Major Courses
A total of 42 CP must be achieved during the Master Program. The individual study plan is subject to the tutor's approval.
Energy and Power Electronics
Core Subjects
These core subjects are particularly recommended for the field of "Energy and Power Electronics".
227-0247-00LPower Electronic Systems I Information W6 credits4G
227-0247-00 GPower Electronic Systems I4 hrs
Tue13-15ETZ E 8 »
15-17ETZ E 8 »
J. W. Kolar
227-0517-00LElectrical Drive Systems IIW6 credits4G
227-0517-00 GElectrical Drive Systems II4 hrs
Mon08-10ETZ E 6 »
10-12ETZ F 91 »
10-12ETZ J 91 »
P. Steimer, G. Scheuer, C. A. Stulz
227-0526-00LPower System Analysis Information W6 credits4G
227-0526-00 GPower System Analysis
The language of instruction will be chosen by the students in the first lecture (English or German)
4 hrs
Wed13-17ETZ E 6 »
G. Hug
227-0567-00LDesign of Power Electronic SystemsW6 credits4G
227-0567-00 GDesign of Power Electronic Systems4 hrs
Thu08-12ETZ J 91 »
F. Krismer
227-0731-00LPower Market I - Portfolio and Risk Management Information W6 credits4G
227-0731-00 GPower Market I - Portfolio and Risk Management4 hrs
Tue08-12HG D 7.2 »
27.01.16-20ETZ E 8 »
D. Reichelt, G. A. Koeppel
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