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Mathematics Master Information
For the Master's degree in Applied Mathematics the following additional condition (not manifest in myStudies) must be obeyed: At least 15 of the required 28 credits from core courses and electives must be acquired in areas of applied mathematics and further application-oriented fields.
Electives: Pure Mathematics
Selection: Analysis
401-3536-11LGeometric Aspects of Hamiltonian DynamicsW6 credits3V
401-3536-11 VGeometric Aspects of Hamiltonian Dynamics3 hrs
Mon10-12HG G 26.1 »
Thu13-14HG G 19.2 »
17.11.13-14HG G 19.1 »
P. Biran
401-4767-66LPartial Differential Equations (Hyperbolic PDEs)W7 credits4V
401-4767-66 VPartial Differential Equations (Hyperbolic PDEs)4 hrs
Mon13-15HG G 26.5 »
Wed10-12HG G 26.5 »
D. Christodoulou
401-4831-66LMathematical Themes in General Relativity IW4 credits2V
401-4831-66 VMathematical Themes in General Relativity I2 hrs
Mon16-18HG E 3 »
A. Carlotto
401-4497-66LFree Boundary ProblemsW4 credits2V
401-4497-66 VFree Boundary Problems2 hrs
Wed08-10HG G 26.5 »
A. Figalli
401-4463-62LFourier Analysis in Function Space TheoryW6 credits3V
401-4463-62 VFourier Analysis in Function Space Theory3 hrs
Thu13-15HG G 43 »
Fri13-14HG G 43 »
T. Rivière
401-4475-66LPartial Differential Equations and Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operators Information W4 credits2G
401-4475-66 GPartial Differential Equations and Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operators2 hrs
Fri15-17HG G 26.1 »
A. Jentzen
401-3303-00LSpecial Topics in One Complex VariableW6 credits3V
401-3303-00 VAusgewählte Themen der Funktionentheorie3 hrs
Tue15-17HG D 7.1 »
Fri09-10HG F 3 »
25.11.09-10HG F 3 »
H. Knörrer
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