From 2 November 2020, the autumn semester 2020 will take place online. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence.
Please note the information provided by the lecturers via e-mail.

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Environmental Engineering Master Information
Master Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
Elective Modules
For all majors.
EM: System Analysis in Urban Water Management
Elective Module for Majors "Resource Management", "River and Hydraulic Engineering" and "Water Resources Management".
102-0227-00LSystems Analysis and Mathematical Modeling in Urban Water Management Information W6 credits4G
102-0227-00 GSystems Analysis and Mathematical Modeling in Urban Water Management4 hrs
Fri08-12HIL D 10.2 »
E. Morgenroth, M. Maurer
102-0217-00LProcess Engineering Ia Information W3 credits2G
102-0217-00 GProcess Engineering Ia
For detailed information on prerequisites and information needed from Systems Analysis and Mathematical Modeling the student should consult the lecture program and important information (syllabus) of Process Engineering I that can be downloaded at
2 hrs
Mon/110-12HCI D 8 »
Wed/108-10HIL E 8 »
12.10.10-12HIL E 7 »
02.11.10-12HIL E 7 »
11.01.09-10HIL E 7 »
25.01.09-10HIL E 7 »
E. Morgenroth
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