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Civil Engineering Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2014)
Compulsory Courses 3. Semester
Examination Block 2
In place of the German course 851-0703-01 Grundzüge des Rechts für Bauwissenschaften students can take the French course 851-0709-00 Droit civil.
101-0113-00LStructural mechanics I Information O5 credits3V + 2UB. Sudret
AbstractIntroduction, statically determinate beams and frame structures, trusses, stresses and deformations, statically indeterminate beams and frame structures (force method)
ObjectiveUnderstanding the response of elastic beam and frame structures
Ability to correctly apply the equilibrium conditions
Ability to determine elastic deformations
Ability to apply the force (flexibility) method for statically indeterminate structures
Equilibrium, reactions, static determinacy
Internal forces (normal and shear forces, moments)
Arches, cables, trusses
Basics of continuum mechanics
Stresses and deformations in Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko beams
Deflections of elastic structures
Statically indeterminate systems (Force method)
Influence lines
Lecture notesBruno Sudret, Structural mechanics I

Material will be available on the course web page:
LiteraturePeter Marti, "Theory of Structures", Wiley, 2013, 679 pp.

Simon Zweidler, "Baustatik I", vdf Hochschulverlag AG, 2016.
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